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There is a famous saying, "If you don't build your dreams, someone else will hire you to build their dreams."  And there is a certain amount of truth in it in a financial sense.  There is nothing wrong with being paid to build someone else's dreams.  There is a security in a regular paycheck and routine.  There is usually a lot less responsibility and "headaches' working for someone else.  There is certainly less risk.  However, there are also limits to what you can achieve.  

The people who are best able to build their own dreams and achieve financial independence are those who are willing to take reasonable risks, work hard, be presistent and are able to keep moving on even in the face of failure.  They know every failure brings them closer to the success they dream of.  [I know that many dreams have nothing to do with financial success; however, financial success will often provide more time and resources to work on your real dreams.]

Neither path is wrong.  Not everyone has the ability and vision to operate a business.  You have to choose the path that is best for you and accept the consequences either way.

The concept of a home business is actually the best of both worlds.  It allows a person to work on building a side income while at the same time maintaining a regular paycheck building someone's dream.  Some may have the goal of working full time for themselves, others may want to keep the security of working for someone else.  

What you MUST avoid; however, is the "get-rich-quick" mentality.  Many people through laziness or desperation grasp at every opportunity to promises to make them rich instantly with no work.  A quick search on the Internet will show thousands of such hollow opportunities which will empty your pockets and give you nothing in return.  The only people who succeed are the conmen who run the schemes.  And everyone who tries to make money on the Internet has been taken in by them from time to time.  It is a risk - but if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

When you do find a legitmate opportunity, you must approach it seriously as a business.  You must be will to spend to the time to learn it, you must develop marketing skills, you must work hard and not give into discouragement even if it doesn't seem to succeed at first.  You must be willing to work for long term benefits.  If you need cash now - go work for someone else - get that regular paycheck.  If you able to plan and work for the future, knowing that it takes time to build something solid and worthwhile, then investiage home businesses that appeal to you.

What you are going to find on this page are business opportunities which I am personally involved with and believe to be potentially profitable and reliable.  Could I be wrong?  Of course.  You must make your own assessment.  There is no one opportunity that is best for everyone.  Look at the opportunities below with my candid comments and check out the one[s] that are right for you.

The Power Lead System

The Power Lead System is a powerful marketing and contact management system.   Any business - profit or non-profit - could benefit from this array of tools.  You can use pre-designed lead capture and sales pages or you can easily design your own.  If you company you are representing has vidoes on You-Tube, you can easily put them into your pages.  You have an unlimited number pages, email contacts, autoresponders, video postcards and much more.  There is an abundance of training on how to use the system and marketing in general.  The training alone is worth more than the cost of the system.  The Power Lead System has been in business for over 2 years and is based on a company [Priceless Possibilities] which has been providing systems to top marketers for over 18 years.  This mean the company has proven stability.  There are 3 ways you can get involved.  The Lead Lightening system is a $7US one-time cost and gives you a portion of the system to work with plus the training [you can upgrade at any time].  The actual Power Lead System costs $30 a month and you have full access to the entire program [you get a 7 day free trial].  If you want to sell the Power Lead System and earn the generous Accelerated Leverage and residual income you must become an affilate [Gold Member] which costs an additional $23.99US for a total of $53.99 a month. 


Do you have a hobby or activity that you are passionate about?  Is there something - anything - that you would love to do all day.  Is there a subject that people can't get you to shut up about because you love it so much or have deep convictions?  Would it be a great bonus for you if you could follow your passion...and get paid for it, too?  With SBI [not to be confused with SFI above] that is possible.  With SBI you can build a great content website around your passion - just look at these case studies - and when you have developed your traffic you can decide which ways are best for you to monitize it.  You CAN earn a living doing what you love.  SBI will train you every step of the way for ideas to building a website to monitizing.  The SBI system is complete - nothing else to buy or upgrade to.  This will work well for people who have a passion, are willing to put work and effort into their business and know that it will take time to achieve their goals.  You don't have to talk to people or try to sell them anything [which is where most people fail] unless you want to...  Check it out.


Start On The Path To Your Success Today

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Invest the time to investigate the above opportunities and discover which one[s] are right for you. Don't be afraid to sign up and try one out - especially if you can try it for free.  Just remember it will take time and work to succeed any anything!
Guaranteed Failure If You Fail To Take Action!  Get Started!  Move Forward!